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Importing Quicken data into QuickBooks


Subject: Quicken importing into Quickbooks


I found you information online and it sounds like you are very well versed in these applications.  I got Quicken in hopes I can enter information into it, then import it into Quickbooks so it's in one place.  Can you please let me know how to do this?  I am not well versed in these applications or with keeping books so I can only imagine I will need to turn it over to someone soon anyway, but I want to at least get the information into Quickbooks successfully before hand.



Every version of QuickBooks that I have seen has a built in feature to import Quicken data.  I have done it on several occasions, so I know that it works quite well.

Here is the brief overview from inside the latest QB program:

"You can convert to QuickBooks directly from Quicken 98-2008 and Quicken Home and Business 98-2008. Older versions of Quicken require a preliminary conversion before this one.

The conversion copies your Quicken data to a new QuickBooks company file, leaving your original Quicken data file unchanged for continued use. After converting your Quicken file, you will have two sets of data: your original, unchanged Quicken file and your new QuickBooks company file."

One thing I have encountered is the fact that the version of QB that you use for the conversion has to be at least as current as the version of Quicken that prepared the data.  For example, if you have data produced under Quicken 2005, you can use QB 2005, 2006, 2007 or 2008 to convert the data into QB format.  You cannot use QB 2004 or any earlier version.

This sets up the converted Quicken data into a new QB data file.  You can't import Quicken data into an existing QB file. This means that you can basically do this function once.  If you are for some reason planning to continuously enter your ongoing transactions into Quicken and then import them into QB from there, that is a flawed strategy and won't work.  Once you have converted your Quicken data into a new QB data file, you should then enter all future transactions directly into QuickBooks and stop using Quicken.

Good luck.

I hope this has helped.

Kerry Kerstetter



Thanks very much for the response and info.  It looks like Quicken will not work and we downloaded software that will convert IIF to Excel so that can be imported into QB.
The whole thing is to be able to import transactions into an existing QB file / account.  Is it possible with any application using a conversion or is this a futile quest?

If you are available by phone I would love to take a minute to explain what we're trying to do to see if that's something you might be able to help with / be a good fit for.  It's harder to explain in email especially when I don't understand the jargon very well and haven't worked with the applications.  My colleague does and has so it would be awesome to have you two talk so see if we might need your services.  I would be happy to call you at a convenient time or you're welcome to call me.




Due to my huge backlog, I haven't been able to accept any new clients for the past few years.

On my website page with QB Resources, I have links to some companies that sell file transfer utilities for QB files.

Karl Irvin's:

Big Red Consulting:

You might find what you need there.

Good luck.

Kerry Kerstetter



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