Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Installing QB on Multiple Computers

Subject: Quickbook 2012
Hello there,

I found your blog and was reading this page:

“In regard to the QB installation issue, I have never had any problems installing a copy of the program on multiple computers with one user license.”

and am wondering if this is still the case with QB 2012?

Was just about to install it over my existing QB 2009 install and wanted to be sure I could install it on my 4 workstations without a problem.

Thanks for any guidance,

I haven't had any problems installing any QB programs on several computers, including all the way up the most current 2013 programs.

I just got a new computer a few months ago and have installed all of the QB programs from 2007 up to the 2013 on it with no problems, even though these programs are also installed on four other computers with the same licenses.  When I registered each one, I used the same phone number and zip-code for all of them, with no problems.

I hope this eases any concerns you may have.

Kerry Kerstetter