Sunday, May 19, 2013

QuickBooks Video Training

I have always stressed how important good bookkeeping is for making financial decisions, as well as for preparing the most accurate tax returns.  Several years ago, I made a video showing people how to best use the Quicken programs for bookkeeping and tax return preparation purposes. 

 I have long  wanted to do a similar one for QuickBooks.  While I have made some short instructional videos and guides for certain QB tasks, the program has far too many features for me to be able to cover everything it can do.  Also, since I don't use a lot of the features in QB, such as invoicing, inventory and payroll, I don't feel as qualified to do as good a job on these specific topics as someone who does use them on a daily basis.

I had been unable to recommend a good training video to clients and other readers who wanted to learn how to work with QB.  Every time  I saw an ad for a hands-on live class or seminar on QB, they were always using a two or three year old version of the program instead of the most current one.

That's why I was glad to learn about a new instructional video series focusing on the QuickBooks 2013 program from a company that has a ton of excellent instructional videos.  This one is broken up into 115 separate videos totaling nine and a half hours. making it easy to just focus on those aspects of QB that you need to use but are unfamiliar with.  At only $99.95, it's a lot less expensive than most live seminars and much less costly than my time would be to explain these topics one on one.

It's available on DVD or as a download.  They also have 17 free videos from the course that you can check out to see if it will work for you.

   Beginners QuickBooks 2013 Training Videos