Wednesday, August 8, 2007

QB Update Notification


Subject: Running multiple versions of QuickBooks


Dear Mr. Kerstetter,


Your very helpful web page came up when I searched Google for my multiple versions question.  I have 2003, 2005, 2006 and 2007 installed.  A few years ago, I ran into a problem when I allowed one version to update.  Whenever QuickBooks starts, it asks if I want to update the file.  I respond with "Later" now, because when I updated before the computer decided the version I updated was the only version installed and wouldn't run other updates.


Have you had a similar issue?  If so, how did you resolve it?  If not, would you recommend I continue to decline the updates?  Finally, if you recommend I decline to update, do you know of a way to stop the programs from asking to update every time?


Thank you for your time and information.


Best regards,


Unfortunately, such pop-up update notices are part of the experience of running multiple versions of QB.  Until a few years ago, when that happened, I would uninstall and the reinstall that version of QB and that annoyance would go away.

However, I am running so many versions of QB on my main computer that I stopped doing the uninstall & reinstall thing because it was taking up far too much of my time.  I just hit the "Later" button and the programs seem to work fine.  I'm not aware of any way to turn off that pop-up message, so I just live with it and still consider it less time consuming than having to frequently uninstall and reinstall the programs.

I'm sorry I couldn't be more help. 

Kerry Kerstetter




Thank you for your reply.  It is helpful to know that I'm not alone, nor am I doing something wrong by clicking that "Later" button.


Best regards,


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