Thursday, October 11, 2007

More QB 2008 News

What's New in QuickBooks 2008 From Intuit

Accountant's Copy Rules for QuickBooks 2008 – PDF documents that can be downloaded from CPA911. Includes the following info on the most annoying feature of the QuickBooks 2007, the inability of clients to reconcile accounts while an accountant’s copy is in existence.

Bank Reconciliation QuickBooks permits clients to reconcile accounts (bank and credit card) while an Accountant's Copy exists, but when the reconciliation process starts, you see this message.

The reconciliation is undone when you import the accountant's changes whether or not the accountant reconciles the accounts in the Accountant's Copy. For clients who do not ask accountants to perform reconciliation tasks, this can be annoying (especially if the accountant doesn't return the Accountant's Copy in a timely fashion). We expect QuickBooks to change this paradigm during an update to QuickBooks 2008.

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