Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Password Requirement

From a client:

Not too happy with the Quickbooks new program I bought. It is now requiring a password to encrypt! Password is ******.

My Reply:

I was glad to see that you upgraded your QB program to the 2009 version. I hope it is easier for you to use

One of the new 2009 features that you used is the ability to send me QBX copies of your data files directly from within the program and via an online storage service hosted by Intuit. As you discovered, that feature does require you to add a new password security layer to prevent anyone who may accidentally download your file from being able to open that file. Once I have the file converted from the QBX format to the QBA format I actually use, the password is no longer relevant. This feature has been working well from my end for those clients using this new feature.

You also have the option of sending me files the old fashioned way. To avoid confusion, I made some short videos showing how to do this with the 2009 program. I have links to them on my website.

Thanks for your help with this.