Saturday, December 15, 2007

Accepting Faxed Checks


We have faxed a check to you guys for our tax prep fee for several years now.  I would like to be able to receive faxed checks from my out of state clients, but we, and our bank, don't know how to get set up to do that.  Is that something that our Quick Books Program can do for us?  We would really appreciate any help or direction you could give us about doing that.

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The ability to accept faxed checks to create new check drafts is just one of the various features that make the VersaCheck program a very handy tool.  I haven't had to buy any preprinted checks for any of our accounts for the last ten or so years.  I buy blank check stock from the same company that makes VersaCheck and use it to print up blank checks to hand prepare, as well as the check drafts.  It also comes with a driver that allows checks to be printed from QuickBooks right onto blank check stock. 

They also sell printers and toner with magnetic ink, but I have never used any of those.  I have always printed the checks and drafts on the same laser printer with regular toner that I use for all of my other printing and they clear the banks just fine. 

I actually had my first rejected check draft just a few weeks ago for a check a client had faxed in on an insurance company account.  All of the other check drafts drawn on banks all around the country have been accepted with no problem; so that was a fluke.

You can see more info and buy the programs via the company's website

While they have a growing number of versions of their program, I have been using their Gold one for the past six or seven years and it has been working perfectly.

Just like QuickBooks, there is a new version of VersaCheck released each year.  Also like QuickBooks, you don't need to buy the new ones and can make do with an older version for several years if you don't want the newest features.

Good luck.  I hope this helps.




Thank you so much for the information.  The only program I had found info about was from a company called CheckWriter.  It looks like the VersaCheck program does substantially more than CheckWriter, and even costs less.  This looks like the product we've been needing.

Thanks again for your help and the information.


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