Saturday, December 15, 2007

Intuit Secuity Alert


Subject: verification


 I haven't downloaded this yet as it didn't come directly to me from intuit.



Can you verify it's for real?  I am thinking it is...



Surprisingly, I didn't receive that message myself.  I went to the Intuit website and it does look legit.

However, even though I have more Intuit programs installed on my computer than anyone I can think of, I am not planing to run this special patch from Intuit.  I do frequently run the Update function inside QuickBooks, as well as the Tuesday Microsoft patches via Windows Update; so I will let those patches take care of this issue.

If you're not experiencing any of those special problems with your QuickBooks, you should be able to bring everything the more natural way, as I am doing.

Thanks for checking with me before you accepted that Intuit patch.








UPDATE:  I was just going through my incoming email backlog and found that I had actually received this security alert directly from Intuit on 12/11/07.