Friday, December 23, 2011

Mac Shortcuts

I recently purchased my very first Apple computer, a Mac mini, so I could work with the QuickBooks for Mac, as well as some other Mac only software. I'm still learning my way around the Mac system, but I have had a chance to do a little work with the Mac QB program.

First off, I have to say that the Mac program is a crippled version of the Windows software and should only be used if you only have access to Mac computers and can't run Windows programs on them, such as with the Parallels program that allows Macs to emulate Windows. 

The biggest limitation of the Mac QB program is its lack of the special Accountant Review copies of data files that allow us to work with client data files while the clients continue to work with them.  This is an essential feature of QB that must be added to the Mac version before I can ever feel good about recommending its use.

However, for those who are using the Mac QB program, I recently came across this handy listing of the keyboard shortcuts that work with it.  I have printed out a copy and will refer to it when I work with that program.