Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sending QBX Files

With the newer versions of QB, it has become somewhat more confusing for clients to send me the special QBX Accountant's Review copies of their data files.  I sent this quick explanation to one client who sent me a QBX file with which I was unable to even start the conversion to QBA process because the password he gave me wouldn't work.

That password didn't work.  I tried it several times and no go.

I think the problem is how you are making the QBX file.  A few years back, Intuit added a new twist to sending QBX files.  There are now two main ways to do it.

1. There is one way that sends the file to me through Intuit's online system (File - Accountant's Copy - Client Activities - Send to Accountant) where you do need to enter a special password.  However, to work properly, you need to actually have the file sent via Intuit's server, not as an email attachment.

2. The other way, in which you can send the file to me directly as an email attachment doesn't require the special password.  To do this, select File - Accountant's Copy - Client Activities - Save File - Accountant's Copy.

It seems that the best thing here would be for you to start over by canceling out the previous QBX copy (File - Accountant's Copy - Client Activities - Remove Restrictions) and then make a new QBX copy via the second option which you can then attach to an email.

Good luck.  I hope this helps.