Monday, November 5, 2007

Customizing Quicken


Subject: Quicken Home and Business 2007


I am trying to use Quicken Home and Business edition 2007.  I have a consulting business, which comprise of two business I invoice and get paid from, my wife has a small beauty shop and my personal accounts are in the same data file.  I doing a good job in inputting the data and keepping my account correct.  I doing a really bad job on the reports and making sense of the data.  I think I have my account set up wrong but they balance.  Do you hirer out to help people like me?  or know of someone that helps?  Let me know.


For various reasons, I no longer support the use of Quicken and haven't actually used it in a number of years; so I can't give you any specific tips on your 2007 program.  When the few clients who do use it send me their data in Quicken format, I just convert it into the more reliable QuickBooks format and work with it in that much more useful program.

You can see more details on my experiences with both Quicken and QuickBooks on my website

Good luck.

Kerry Kerstetter