Thursday, November 1, 2007

Which kind of file to send to tax preparer...

From a client who uses QB 2007:

Hi Kerry,
I found that I did input the data for the corporate tax yr ended 03/31/06 into Quickbooks.
Would you like me to send an "Accountant's Copy"? 
Faxing a check ?   Can you receive color ?   Do I make a copy, then fax it to you, then mail the original?

My reply:

If you plan to be entering new data into your copy of the data file while I am working on the one you send me, you need to send me a QBX copy of your file.

If you won't be dig anything to your copy while I am working on my copy, please send me a QBM copy.

For several years, I have been using a program called VersaCheck that takes the bank info and produces substitute check drafts that I then deposit just like the originals.  It will go through your bank account just like a normal check.  There is no need to also mail the original check and any color is irrelevant.  I just need to be able to read the info on the check.

Thanks for your help with this.