Wednesday, November 7, 2007


From a client's bookkeeper:

The clients need their Personal first, We are still working on the other two accounts. They use Quick Books 2007 and we are still in the learning curve for it. Do you want a QBX File or QBM?  I am not clear on how to import changes from a edited QBM back into the master QBW or even if you can.  I really don't want to have another mess on my hands.

My Reply:

I'm not aware of any way to import changes from a QBM or other kind of file; so if you plan to continue working on their stuff while I have their data, you will need to send me a QBX copy of the file. 

If you won't be working on their personal stuff while I am, you can send me a QBM file that will make it easier and faster for me to make a lot more kinds of changes.  You will then have to use the revised QBM file that I will be sending back to you.

Thanks for your help with this.