Saturday, January 24, 2009

Quicken Reports


Subject: Quicken

Good afternoon Mr. Kerstetter.

I am a QB Pro Advisor but am not that familiar with Quicken.  I have a client that just began using Quicken, but when I was talking to her, she could not find the Reports tool bar,  I am truly embarrassed to ask, which way do you print the p&l and the balance sheet from Quicken?


I recall that printing reports in Quicken was always very intuitive, much like in QuickBooks.

I don't actually use Quicken any more, but I do have the 2003 program installed on one of my old computers.  I checked and see that there is an item called "Reports" on the top menu line.  That drops down to different categories of reports.  The P&L is under the "Cash Flow" section and is actually called "Income/Expense."

I hope this helps.  You may want to explain to your clients the benefits of using QuickBooks instead of Quicken; especially the ability to more easily exchange data files with you.

Good luck.

Kerry Kerstetter