Saturday, January 24, 2009

Using Older QB Programs


Subject:  Quickbooks


My bookkeeper at the C21 was talking to QB support the other day.  They said the the 2006 version would quit working completely in the near future and recommended upgrading to the 2009 version.  Do you have any knowledge of this?  Do you recommend the 2009 version? 

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Your bookkeeper misunderstood the situation.  The QB programs will work forever.  I have several clients still using the 2001 and 2002 versions just fine.
Intuit doesn't like the fact that people are holding on to their QB programs for several years and not buying their new versions as often as they would like. In order to motivate more upgrades, a few years ago, Intuit started a sunset program, where they announced that they will only provide technical support for the most recent three versions.  That means, as of the middle of April this year, they will only answer technical questions about the 2007, 2008 and 2009 programs.  The earlier programs will continue to work just as they did before.

I don't do any payroll work, but I do understand that Intuit doesn't allow its built-in payroll for earlier versions of the QB program to be updated after a certain number of years; so that may be a motivator to upgrade to a newer version of the program if you are using QB for payroll.  If you are just doing bookkeeping, your 2006 will continue to work for several more years.

I currently have about a dozen versions of QB installed on my computers in order to maintain compatibility with client data files.  I have heard that some bookkeepers don't like the hassles of maintaining so many versions simultaneously, so they require their clients to upgrade to whatever version the bookkeepers are using.
I do have some clients who upgrade every year on their own, which is fine, but not required.  Whether you want to move to a newer version is up to you.  You won't lose any data in the transition to a newer version of the program; but you can't later roll it back to be usable in an older version of the program.
I hope this helps explain this issue for you.